Crashlands 2 is scheduled for a global release on mobile via Netflix Games in 2024

Crashlands 2 is scheduled for a global release on mobile via Netflix Games in 2024

Crashlands 2 brought to you by Butterscotch Shenanigans will be released sometime in 2024 as per the developers, as no exact date has been announced from the other end. Crashlands 2 will be the successive title to the famous Crashland series and will be made available for mobile devices, both Android and iOS via Netflix Games.

Crashlands 2 will aim to deliver a complete survival experience

Crashlands 2 will see the players journey back to Woanope as Flux Dabes who is an intergalactic trucker and disgruntled corporate employee. Who returns to the planet after completing an assignment and is really looking for a vacation, however before anything as such could happen, a mysterious blast sends the character deep into alien territory. [photo1]Image via B

utterscotch ShenanigansThe game will have the base of the prequel, Crashlands where players will have to build everything from scratch whether it's their weapon to survive or their community. The game aims to deliver a true open-world crafting RPG experience where resources are short and will come in handy only when used in the right proportion. The game will also draft a variety of out-worldly characters with which players would be able to interact and settle down to form a community. Friendships play a huge role in survival and the game does a great job to establish it as a pre-requisite to survival. There would be many in-game quests and side missions that will require players to have companions tagging along, this makes the community all more important to have in the game. Crashlands 2 offers the same open-world adventure that made the game so fun to play with many in-game characters and quests to enjoy by the players. The game will be made available on an undisclosed date in 2024 as per the developers via Netflix Games, which has more games coming this summer on its platform.What are your thoughts on Crashlands 2 all but set to get a release on Netflix Games? Let us know in the comments below!