High Card Episode 3: Crazy Rich! Release Date & Preview

High Card Episode 3: Crazy Rich! Release Date & Preview
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Jan 2023

The recent episodes of High Card have been heavily intense. The thriller and action in the anime episodes constantly have fans clutching their chests in anticipation. However, High Card Episode 3 will see how Finn tries to adjust himself within High Card. Moreover, he also seems to be under the radar of President Bernard. It will be interesting to see how the anime proceeds from here on out. The previous episode even saw Finn and Chris pull guns toward each other. It will be a very suspenseful watch from here on out. So, keep reading to find out more.
Episode 2 of the series saw Finn and Chris facing each other. However, they later became co-workers at the same workplace. The new episode will look into whether they will be able to put their differences in the past or if they will let it affect their current, present, and future. Although the anime just started, it has already been very heavy in action and suspense. So, here are all the spoilers you need to know for the upcoming episode.

High Card Episode 3: What Will Happen Next?
Episode 3 of High Card will be titled "Crazy Rich." After the previous intense episode, it will be interesting to see if Finn's skills continue to improve or if he gets worse. Moreover, he was told by Bernard that he might get fired unless he started using his powers and abilities better. Finn will likely work on himself even more to ensure his membership in High Card. However, on the flip side, Finn might eventually get fired if he does not improve.
?>As Finn is currently working under the apprenticeship of Chris, the two will grow closer to each other as they work on assignments and tasks together. Moreover, the previous episode saw that Chris and Finn did not completely defeat the Rockin Rock monster. The return of Rockin Rock will most likely be in the upcoming episode. Moreover, as Finn is working in High Card, the other members make fun of him. Will Finn finally get along with the other workers? Or will he only be more disliked? All questions and speculations will be revealed in the next episode.
Previous Episode Recap!
High Card Episode 2 was titled "Make a Choice." The episode was an intense one with the use of guns. It was extremely violent, and fans were constantly on the edge of their seats. The episode saw Finn and the car salesman holding each other at gunpoint. However, Finn gets tangled in vines when Vijay uses his own card's powers. The salesman, Chris Redgrave, is also seen on his way to killing Finn. But things change when Bernard gets a call which makes him decide to give Finn a chance to prove himself again. Later, Finn is hired at the dealership in High Card and starts working under Chris.
Finn receives his first assignment when he encounters a bulletproof monster robbing an armored truck. Chris and Finn try to confront the man. However, they realize that their powers are too weak infront of the Rockin Rock. The duo attack using their specific powers to defeat the monster. The episode ends with President Bernard telling Finn to do better, or he will be fired.
High Card Episode 3: Release Date
The next episode will be released on January 22, 2023. Are you looking forward to watching the new episode? More info on the anime will be updated here. So, keep reading The Anime Daily for more.

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