Mobile Legends opens a new Layla's Workshop for everyone to get player feedback

Mobile Legends opens a new Layla's Workshop for everyone to get player feedback

As Mobile Legends would be celebrating its 7th anniversary in September 2023. The Devs would be introducing an all-new Layla's Workshop which would allow players to share their various ideas whilst discussing different update proposals and upcoming features that are intended to be added to the game. Given this, Skyhook, one of the games Dev, has taken to the official social media handles of Mobile Legends to share info about this new Layla's Workshop Feature. Hence, without much further Ado, let's check out more info about this new Workshop feature.

Mobile Legends New Layla's Workshop: Feature Overview

A new feature known as the Layla's Workshop is now live in-game and can be accessed by interested players who are willing to participate and access the new feature. This feature centers on getting to know more about players' feedback regarding upcoming events and updates.Layla's Workshop is finally ready to welcome everyone! It is now open for you to share your thoughts with MLBB! If you have any opinions or thoughts on the game, feel free to tell us in Layla's Workshop!#MobileLegendsBangBang #LaylasWorkshop pic.twitter.com/eNHP4iribPThe Devs said that despite the success they've had in getting to know more about players' interests and feedback about upcoming additions, they did run into some untold setbacks whilst trying to upgrade the emblem system. Hence, because of this, the Devs intend to use Layla's Workshop to create a more direct and open channel of communication that can help shape a better future for the game.

Layla's Workshop aims to bring well-thought topics for players to discuss

Layla's Workshop would be available for all players in-game, making it easier for players to access. Devs would start by taking up major update proposals (such as optimizations of emblems and Main UI) for the year and listing them for an open discussion. The Devs only want to bring up well-thought topics as proposals for players to discuss, scrutinize or applaud. The Dev did also point out that a full Proposal Might also take about 5 to 6 rounds of open discussions. Which, players would have to decide via voting during the last round, where just as always "the proposal with the Majority vote cast wins and would then be implemented". Proposals that do not get upvoted by the vast community would either be scrapped or returned to the drawing board for Devs to work on.

The Workshop is open to all players and feedback would be deeply looked at

This instance happened during the Last Emblem Rework system as the team had to go back to the drawing board after working for over a year on the last Emblem rework. The entire ordeal was a major setback for the Dev community, especially for Dev Arnold. [photo1]Image via MOONTON GamesDespite that, Dev Arnold and the rest of the team ever since then recovered from that shock and are now back to the drawing boards, that's why we have a new upcoming emblem system revamp on the advanced server, even though it's still in work it is a sign that

the Devs are working hard to make things right and fit the gaming community preferences.Dev Skyhook did also state that Layla's Workshop is also open for all kinds of players, be they new, returning, or even veteran players. He also stated that all feedback as regards the Proposals would be deeply looked at by the main team behind the proposal, they shall also give appropriate responses to significant ideas and feedback given out by players. The Devs do also hope to make available future systems that would allow players to create and present their proposals for the Developers to think about.