The Girl Downstairs Episodes 15 & 16: Release Date, Recap, Preview & Streaming Guide

The Girl Downstairs Episodes 15 & 16: Release Date, Recap, Preview & Streaming Guide
Jun 2023

The new episodes of The Girl Downstairs will be released soon. The Girl Downstairs is an ongoing romantic Chinese anime series. The first episode of this anime series premiered on April 20, 2023. The Girl Downstairs is an anime adaptation of the Korean webtoon The Girl Downstairs or Lee Doona written by Min Song Ah.

The storyline revolves around Yuan Juntang. He is a freshman at Minsong University. He joined his particular institution because of his crush on Zhu Zhu. She was his high school senior and now studying at Minsong University. He is here to impress her and win her heart.

On the campus, Juntang meets Li Shiya. She is a beautiful girl and a famous idol, and Juntang was her fan during high school. She moved into the same apartment as him. She has moved downstairs with Ruoni. Juntang becomes friends with them. One day after getting drunk, Juntang expresses his affection for Ruoni, and she starts having feelings for him. Shiya and Juntang become close and have feelings for each other. Now, he has to deal with the feelings of three women, Zhu Zhu, Shiya, and Ruoni.

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The Girl Downstairs Episode Recap:

Shiya came forward to the stage. She introduced herself as Li Shiya, and the audience identified her as the Dream Sweet idol. Everyone expected her to sing her song. Zhu Zhu, Shiya's friend, rescued her. Shiya and Yuan Juntang are into each other. He doesn't want to hide his feelings to her.

Shiya's presence has Juntang spellbound. Everyone is talking about Zhu after her performance. Juntang assures Shiya that everyone will forget about the incident soon. He tries to cheer up Shiya, who is gloomy after the campus incident. Shiya didn't want any help, but Zhu interrupted. She is furious because Juntang does not understand why she went to the stage.

Shiya from The Girl Downstairs (Credits: Bilibili)

Shiya apologizes for her attitude, which Juntang accepts. Shiya invites Zhu Zhu to her home. She regrets not attending her invitation at night. Juntang asked Zhu Zhu about her crush while they were discussing. He saves Zhu from a car but continues to worry about Shiya. Shiya was waiting for him at home. He is trying to dodge Shiya.

Jungtang tells Shiya that he feels tempted and happy. When he's with a girl, his full attention and concern is on her. His emotions are strange since they revolve around the girl he likes, what she did, and missing him while he is not with her. He asks Shiya if she feels the same he does or if it's pure attraction. Juntang needed more information before starting a relationship with her. Shiya tests him to see how long he can go without seeing her.

The Girl Downstairs Episodes Still (Credits: Bilibili)

Juntang was surprised to see Zhu and Shiya preparing Hot-pot for lunch. He was awkward between Shiya and Zhu. Shiya tries to persuade Juntang but doesn't want to put down his guard. He is doing everything he can to avoid Shiya's charm. She has come to pick up Juntang from the academy. He rescued her from her crazed fans.

Shiya felts someone was following her and that an unknown man was snapping at her. Juntang caught him, but he escaped away. Ruoni still has some feelings for Juntang. She is angered when he mentions Shiya. Ruoni had given up on him, but she couldn't stop her heart racing when he saved her from colliding with the man. She was safe in his arms and close to his body which turned her face red.

The Girl Downstairs Episodes 15 & 16: Release Date & Time

The Girl Downstairs Episodes 15 & 16 will be on June 8, 2023. The two new episodes will be out at 12 pm China Time. The duration of each episode of The Girl Downstairs is about 13 minutes. Global fans can check out the time details below to watch the episodes of The Girl Downstairs.

Pacific Standard Time (Canada): 9:00 pm (June 7, 2023)Central Standard Time (US): 11:00 pm (June 7, 2023)Eastern Standard Time (Mexico): Midnight (June 8, 2023)Greenwich Mean Time (UK): 4:00 am (June 8, 2023)Indian Standard Time (India): 9:30 am (June 8, 2023)Thailand Time (Thailand): 11:00 am (June 8, 2023)Japan Standard Time (Japan): 1:00 pm (June 8, 2023)Australian Central Daylight Time (Australia): 1:30 pm (June 8, 2023)

Where to watch The Girl Downstairs Episodes 15 & 16?

Episodes 15 & 16 of The Girl Downstairs will release on the Bilibili streaming platform. It is available to access in certain regions like China, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia. International viewers can watch the anime series The Girl Downstairs on Viki for free. On the youtube channel Made By Bilibili, the episode of The Girl Downstairs is available for free.